Purple Heart Car Donation

The Purple Heart Car Donation Program is one of the most popular car donation options available today. This program is operated by a government-chartered organization which is known as the Military Order of the Purple Heart. It is a group consisting of war veterans and recipients of the honorable Purple Heart medal. The purpose of the program is to honor these veterans by funding many types of benefit programs.

Where Your Purple Heart Donation Goes

Even you can’t choose where the funds from your car donation go, the organization helps many different recognizable veteran programs. These include United Service Operations (USO), the National Service Officer Program, the National Outreach Program, the Court of Veterans Appeals, the National Appeals Office, and various educational scholarship programs, among others. For these programs, the funds go not only to veterans and vet centers/ hospitals, but to their families and dependents, as well.

The Purple Heart Program Benefits

As with car donation to most 501(c)(3) organizations, your donation is eligible for tax deductions. The organization simplifies the process by providing receipts that contain the Vehicle Identification Number and vehicle value. The items accepted including cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and recreational vehicles, assuming you own the title free and clear.

Additionally, donation to the Purple Heart car donation program has the extra bonus of being sincerely needed. While many other charitable organizations definitely need all the financial assistance they can get, war veterans are among the most neglected part of the population, particularly given their incredible contributions to the safety and happiness of millions of people.

Drawbacks of the Purple Heart Program

Even though the Purple Heart Car Donation Program is similar to a lot of successful vehicle donation programs on both local and national level, it may not be reachable from all areas. Some cities and outlying localities may not have pick-up services available for them. The organization also encourages the donors to drop off their cars, rather than using their free tow service. This inconvenience may restrict those whose cars are not in working order or who don’t live within towing distance.

It is advised that you should contact the organization directly to understand how to best take advantage of the Purple Heart Car Donation Program.

Purple Heart Car Donation ReviewGreat Choice for Car Donation

Despite the difficult transportation, donating your car to the Purple Heart Car Donation Program is worth it. All donors know that their donation will be appreciated and have the peace of mind that they are not going to be exploited by scammers or unfair middle men. Your donation goes right where it has for the other 500,000 donors since the beginning of the program – to brave veterans and their families.



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