Launched in January 2010, Giveacar has raised over £2.5 million for charity by scrapping cars for customers throughout the UK for free.

The scheme has been well received by the scrap metal industry and charities have been overwhelmingly positive. Having experienced rapid growth, Giveacar is proud to have many happy customers.

The motivation for setting the brand new service for customers in the UK, stems from a belief that charities in this country are overlooking a fantastic opportunity to generate income. Giveacar has opened up a source of revenue that was previously untapped.

This has given people an outlet to donate their cars, just as they might donate their clothes or furniture.

Giveacar supports more than 1,600 charities including Cancer Research UK, The Children’s Trust, and Leukemia & Lymphoma Research.

To see a full list please visit

Giveacar Charity List is the brainchild of Tom Chance, a 23 year old university graduate and former part-time used car trader. He believes that car donation schemes require greater visibility in the UK. Mr. Chance said “Every year in the USA, hundreds of thousands of cars are given away. In the UK, hardly anyone has heard of scrap car donation. I want to change this, and develop the concept so that it becomes commonplace. There are too many unused or underused cars on the road. We aim to put the value of these cars to good use.”

Giveacar organizes the donation of cars through Cartakeback, a national operation of licensed car breakers and scrap car yards. Throughout the UK, Giveacar coordinates the collection of unwanted cars, roadworthy or not. When you call or email Giveacar, they will arrange a convenient time to send round a tow truck to collect the scrap vehicle. They will pick up any scrap car, at no cost to you, and either sell it through a salvage auction, or dispose of it through an authorized treatment facility.

Donate to GiveacarAll of the charities that are associated with Giveacar will receive an average of £80 from each car donated. Anyone who donates a car can choose to support any of these charities, or they can donate to another registered charity of their choice.

For more details about the scheme please visit the website or contact 0207 736 4242.


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