Charity Scam

Donation is a great way to help others change their life. People who are generous often donate their money or assets to charitable organizations. Unfortunately, there are many organizations that claim to accept donation under false pretenses and the donation does not go to people in need. That is why if you intend to donate your money or something, you should make sure that the organization or charity you are going to donate to is trusted.

Instant charity is a type of charity that exists when there is a sudden tragedy such as accident which kills many people, natural disaster, etc. If you want to donate in a situation like that, you have to ensure the charity is legitimate and it can provide relief to the victims effectively.

A little investigation is important if you doubt about an organization where you want to donate your money, especially if it is new to you. Search for information about this organization, the accomplishment, where the money will go, and the real address of the organization. The names of well-known charity sometimes are mentioned by other charity hopping to collect donation. So be careful about this too. Even a charity has a good reputation and has never scammed, it is advisable to find out whether the money you donate goes to the intended destination.

Legitimate Organization

How to Check the Legitimacy of a Charity

— Check the National Charity Reports Index to see the standards of charity accountability. If a charity does not meet the standard, you can see the specific discrepancies listed on the website. This index checks only charities on national scale not local ones.

— The American Institute of Philanthropy (AIP) publishes Charity Rating Guide and Watchdog Report. This guide contains detailed information on how the national charities spend the donation. Go to the AIP website to see if the charity where you want to donate is listed.

— You can check on It has database of more than 1 million nonprofit organizations.

— Visit the local Better Business Bureau website. To check the availability of regional charities, simply enter the zip code to get their local office.

— Contact state government office to check if the charity is legitimate and to know its profile. You can get information on which charity doing fraud from state attorney general office.

— You may want to check the charity yourself by visiting its office and donate the money in person.

— If you choose to donate online, check the security of the website and ask for an email receipt.

Donating to charity is a good thing to do. You have to be sure you do some research before making a donation. Looking into the charity and using good judgment will make you confident that your donation will go toward a good cause.


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